Are you getting enough sales leads from your web marketing?

It’s all very well being proactive online, having a tremendously good looking website, being active on Linked-in and sending regular posts to your Facebook page, but DOES IT LEAD TO EXTRA SALES?

If you’re smart, you’ve got 100s of connections on Linked In and a growing number of Likes on your Facebook page. You may be an active blogger and an avid tweeter.  BUT ARE YOU GETTING THE SALES LEADS?

If you are not, it would be very understandable for disillusionment to set in and to think online marketing is really overhyped. But maybe you are missing a vital link… is your lead generation strategy sharp, honed and effective?  Crikey, have you even got a lead gen strategy in the first place? Many people overlook this in the clamour to have ubiquitous web presence.

There’s an excellent post about this from Pamela Vaughan on Hubspot  – well worth a read – 10 Reasons You’re Not Hitting Your Leads Goal This Month

I’ve summarised the key takeways below.

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10 Reasons You’re Failing to Achieve Your Lead Gen Goals

Firstly, is perhaps obvious, which is to drive traffic through regularly creating content optimised with your priority keywords.  Second is ‘plastering CTAs everywhere possible’ (that’s Calls to Action), except on your landing page.  This is a important topic as incentivising visitors to take action is of course critical.   See my post on 10 tips on optimising your call to action.  Third is getting your social media pages optimised with lead capture forms or clear calls to action.  Fourth is flooding the universe with the same offers over and over.  Offer variety, and fresh propositions. Fifthly, avoid aiming for quantity over quality leads – what’s the point in having the high numbers if they’re not buying?  Six is about aligning the right offer to match the stage in the sales process.  Seven is about strategically planning your email campaigns; ill planned email sends can drastically reduce sales lead conversions. Eight is split test your web pages to understand what works and what doesn’t.  Another critical factor to conversion is the length of the form – too short will generate high quantity of less qualified leads while longer forms will reduce take up. And number ten is about learning from your marketing analytics. Knowledge is everything!

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