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Facebook Marketing Has Changed...

It’s not about Page Likes and Timeline Posts Anymore

There was a time you could grow you Fan base and Post to them every day and get your messages out there.  In 2018 it’s no longer possible to build awareness quickly using organic (“free”) posting on Facebook, as Facebook now restricts distribution due to the intense competition to get into people’s news feeds.

Facebook Advertising is where the marketing power now is

We combine our marketing skills and Facebook expertise to deliver highly effective campaigns aligned to client’s value propositions and which yield measurable results.

  • Plan

  • Create

  • Target

  • Manage

  • Review

  • Optimise

First, your questions answered...

Facebook Ads are not really like ‘ads’

They appear in a users news feed as if they could have been mentioned by a friend of a friend. They have the benefit of making you appear and sound as if you are part of the same tribe as the user and that you are speaking their kind of language. This makes your message more persuasive and you more appealing.  They don’t just appear on the right hand column… they can be directed to the central column of the news feed.  They appear with ‘sponsored’ on the top of the post.

Why should I use Facebook with my business?

95% of UK adult internet users are on Facebook – Ofcom Report 2016

And since 2015 Facebook is intensifying its efforts to filter out unpaid promotional material in user news feeds that businesses have posted as organic status updates.

So to benefit from this massively popular platform we need to ‘pay to play’.

This is extremely worthwhile due to Facebook’s very unique targeting and unprecedented reach, providing excellent value for money.

I have lots of ‘Page Likes’, so can’t I just promote using Posts to my Page Timeline?

Of course you can and should. But it’s no longer possible to build awareness quickly using organic (“free”) posting on Facebook, as Facebook now restricts distribution due to the competition (only 2-5% of your Page Fans get to see your organic posts!).

Is Facebook Advertising good value for money?

To achieve the same reach with Newspaper advertising you have to pay at least 10 times more. With Facebook there’s little waste (you can re-adjust targeting as you go) and you get social endorsement (people like to buy from people “like them”) which you cannot get from the £1000s spent on Posters or magazine ads.

We tried FB Ads with little success… why would it be any different using Tactical Results?

Facebook is a highly complex platform and requires considerable time to experiment and test your strategies and to monitor all the techniques. There’s no one size fits all technique: every business is different. And Facebook constantly changes the rules and introduces new opportunities.

We specialise in Facebook. We are on top of changes before they happen. And since we run campaigns for numerous clients we have the experience. It’s not about hitting the ‘Boost Post’ button! Tactical Results uses software for scheduling, creating bulk ads with variants, for testing and analysing results.

We have access to targeting tools you wouldn’t know exist. We have our own graphics and copywriting people expert in Facebook ads’ posts. We have geeks and creatives you just don’t have.

For you to learn how to run your own Facebook Ads campaigns successfully you wouldn’t have any time left to run your business!

Why you can't afford to ignore Facebook

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