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Facebook Advertising for Estate Agents

Grow awareness, create affinity and build reputation.

We use Facebook to hyper target sellers, locally

First, let’s set the record straight

This depends entirely on how savvy your team is with getting the right stories out there and engaging. It’s not for everyone which is why running Facebook Advertising campaigns can give you much more control with less effort (when you outsource it to an expert).

Facebook is a highly complex platform and requires considerable time to experiment and test your strategies and to monitor all the techniques. There’s no one size fits all technique: every business is different. And Facebook constantly change the rules and introduce new opportunities.
We specialise in Facebook. We are on top of changes before they happen. And since we run campaigns for numerous clients we have the experience. It’s not about hitting the ‘Boost Post’ button!


Tactical Results uses software for scheduling, creating bulk ads with variants, for testing and analysing results. We have access to targeting tools you wouldn’t know exist. We have our own graphics and copywriting people expert in Facebook ads’ posts. We have geeks and creatives you just don’t have. For an estate agent to learn how to run its own Facebook Ads campaigns successfully you wouldn’t have any time left to sell properties!

It’s essential to be active with your ‘organic’ timeline posts, but just don’t expect that many people to see them! Unless they stimulate significant interaction, Facebook most probably will issue them to just 2% to 5% of your Fans. Which is ONE of the reasons we recommend using Facebook Ads as you can target them to your Fans and friends of fans.

Yes you should. But it’s no longer possible to build awareness quickly using organic (“free”) posting on Facebook, as Facebook now restricts distribution due to the competition (only 2-5% of your Page Fans get to see your organic posts!).
And in 2018 Facebook is intensifying its efforts to filter out unpaid promotional material in user news feeds that businesses have posted as organic status updates. So we need to ‘pay to play’. But this is extremely worthwhile due to Facebook’s very unique targeting and unprecedented reach providing excellent value for money.

Not really. It’s good business: they can offer unique value and it’s worth paying for it (if you know what you’re doing).

Ads appear like a normal post but with ‘sponsored’ tagged to it.  There are many different ad types. You can use a normal timeline post as an ad or create what is known as a ‘dark’ post which doesn’t feature on your timeline at all.  Then there are Link Share Ads, Like Ads, Video Ads, Offer Ads and so on.  You can choose where they appear: either in the central news feed or right hand column.

Demonstrably higher awareness

Get seen, visited and read consistently, every month, by very high numbers of affluent, potential sellers localised to your branch catchment area.
Highly targeted. Filtered using interests, lifestyle and demographics; friends of Fans, visitors to your website etc. And our detailed reports show exactly how many, from what audience, have seen and interacted with your Posts.

Laser beam targeting, at scale

Target people in a specific village, or borough or 10 or 25 mile radius, showing them properties you’ve sold in their area, positioning you as the authoritative, ubiquitous, agent for their locality.

Nurturing prospective sellers

Track who visits your web pages (blog, listings, etc) and ‘re-target’ them in their news feed with Posts relating to their specific village or area. Nurture them in a marketing funnel so they get to know you.

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…resulting from increased number of valuations from ‘direct response’ Facebook ads specifically incentivising home-owners to request a valuation, once they’ve travelled through your Facebook marketing funnel.

Be there for when they choose to sell.

Nurture audiences

Techniques, tools and strategies to keep your audience

Timing is everything. We want you to be there when prospects finally decide to sell. By tracking and capturing audiences who interact we can serve them a chain of further ‘stories’ with escalating calls to action.

Tell a story and engage

Hooks to attract relevant people…

By treating your marketing as a process, not an event, we engage your audiences over time, again and again. Your local property market is an unfolding story and we design your Facebook Ads so audiences want to know ‘what’s happening next’. They have a narrative thread. Whether video, animations or photos we test responses and refocus on what works best.

Build local reputation

We get locals to know, like and trust you

There’s no better network than Facebook to gain familiarity and trust. How do you get people to know, like and trust you – at scale? You guessed it…

With Facebook you can amplify your community based activities and fast-track your local community integration.

Know what you're getting for your ad money

We provide detailed ROI reports – do you get that from newspapers?

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Be there for when they choose to sell

…Increase the number of valuations using ‘direct response’ Facebook ads specifically incentivising home-owners to request a valuation …once they’ve travelled through your Facebook marketing funnel.

Pinpoint audiences, then scale up

Reach your audience with laser-beam targeting

Using creative targeting we can reach people matching an income bracket, who have interests in e.g. Rightmove or Zoopla, filtered by readers of say Country Life; by demographics (e.g. parents) and age – all within a radius of your branch. We can target specific villages or boroughs. By intersecting interests we can focus on pinpointing landlords with investment portfolios. Your audience is unique to your business and we find it for you through strategies and split testing.