GDPR: Through the Marketing Lens

A Pragmatic Briefing for SMEs and Marketers

A practical overview from Mark Bradley, a seasoned marketing professional (who is not a lawyer!), self-taught on GDPR… sharing the journey of everything he’s found! No hidden agenda, just sharing of conclusions and recommendations.

18 April 2018  Time: 9.00-10.30am
at Eastgate House, East Street, Andover SP10 1ET

23 April 2018   Time: 10.00-11.30am
at Basepoint, Caxton Close, Andover SP10 3FG

24 April 2018  Time: 5.00-6.30pm
at Eastgate House, East Street, Andover SP10 1ET

Optional template pack available

Who is it for?

Business owners and marketing executives of organisations employing 1 to 250 people who are unclear on how to make their marketing GDPR compliant.

What will you take away?

An understanding of your new legal obligations after 25 May; tools and information to help you make an informed judgement as to your response; and some practical solutions for how to address them in your marketing.

What it's not

Not a sales pitch from a lawyer; nor a sales pitch from an IT or data security firm.(Disclaimer: there may be some bias towards pragmatic marketing solutions…)

Outline Agenda

Part 1: What do I need to know about GDPR? (as it relates to SMEs and marketing)

  • Principles and key differences to current legislation
  • Why it’s going to be different this time
  • What is compliance?
  • Consequences of non-compliance
  • Opportunities with compliance
  • Myths and reality
  • Difference between Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and GDPR in practical terms
  • B2B vs B2C
  • SME vs Larger Enterprises
  • Scope and impact for businesses

Part 2: How do I comply? What should my response be?

We will explore how to respond to specific situations such as:

  • Should I re-permission my database? And how?
  • Are there alternatives to consent?
  • Collecting business cards – can I put them onto my CRM?
  • What if my database is reduced to nothing!
  • How should I plan for the future – marketing strategies designed around privacy
  • How do I store and record all the personal data and consent history? And keep them secure?
  • How do I manage multiple collection points and applications?
  • What about my website… cookies, tracking codes, etc?
  • How do I manage data requests?
  • What documentation should I do and why?
  • Does this affect our social media and online advertising?
  • What if we’re not ready by 25 May?

Part 3: Tools and templates to help SMEs

There’s a lot of documentation that firms need to do, so we have put together the best of the best to arrive at templates and checklists and turned it into a practical ‘toolkit’ for SMEs.


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About the workshop host: Mark Bradley

I’m a seasoned marketing agency guy who’s done hours and hours of reading and research around GDPR seeking hard-to-find answers to everyday questions. I’ve fought through the scaremongering and myths surrounding GDPR and picked my way through the legalese to arrive at common sense, practical answers. Compliance appears to be arduous, but does it have to be? How critical is compliance? Can you cherry pick and prioritise your level of conformity? I address basic questions, such as, ‘what is GDPR for an SME?’, ‘how does GDPR impact my marketing?’ and ‘What are the real risks on non-compliance?’, to answering ‘what is the optimum legal basis for my organisation to process personal data?’. My background… I cut my teeth with London-based PR and advertising agencies before starting my own ‘integrated’ communications agency in 1996 which I ran for 15 years. Founder of Tactical Results, a boutique marketing agency specialising in Facebook Advertising primarily for the hospitality, leisure and property sectors. I also run strategic marketing evaluation workshops for clients reviewing needs and activities across the marketing spectrum. I’m based in Andover, Hampshire with clients across the UK. (The Data Works is a new advisory service from Tactical Results Ltd to help marketers with GDPR)