If you think Facebook is a passing teen fad, think again

Over a billion people used Facebook on a single day

Facebook has nearly 1.5bn active users worldwide, 13% more than last year. (Twitter has 316 million worldwide). Of these, 65% access it daily. And only last month, for the first time over a billion people used Facebook on a single day.

In the UK, of the 36 million users, about 24 million use it on a daily basis. Accessing it on average 14 times a day, for 40 minutes.

Take Tunbridge Wells

Within 10 miles of Tunbridge Wells, you can reach 28,000 PARENTS all aged over 40 who are on Facebook, filtered by home-ownership indicators and interests. Or, to drill down further, you can specifically target 17,000 Facebook users, aged over 40, whose interests indicate they are likely home-owners, living within 1½ miles of of Tunbridge Wells.

tunbridge wells facebook statistics

Irrespective of the statistics – as important as they are – a key question is how do Estate Agents get home-owners to invite your agency to pitch when they want to sell?

Nurture your prospective sellers

The answer is too long for this blog post, but one key aspect is that with Facebook you can influence how prospective sellers perceive what your agency is all about before they decide to sell.

With Facebook posts you can control the frequency. Assuming you have relevant and interesting content, you can drip feed posts to your audience all year round and they will think of your agency as one of the most active and popular in their area.  You can punch above your weight. If you consistently showcase particular types of property that you’ve sold, to people in that location, they will also associate you with being effective and successful.

Unlike a leaflet door drop, you can do this time and again and at scale. Unlike newspaper advertising, with Facebook, home owners will see your posts whether they’re looking to sell or not. In marketing speak, you are “nurturing” your prospects.  You can’t do that with  local newspaper advertising or leaflet drops.

More information on Tactical Results Facebook Advertising for Estate Agents: www.tacticalresults.co.uk/facebook-marketing-for-estate-agents/