The ‘Marmite Effect’: New Rules of Marketing vs. Old Habits

Trawl marketing blogs on the web and you could be mistaken in thinking that the ‘new marketing’ techniques are in fact no longer ‘new’ but really quite traditional and established. And so they should be, you may think. Yet a cursory glance around the off line business community shows that it’s only skin deep. There’s a basic awareness of the “importance of Google”, but old habits seem to die hard and many firms are stillshouting at or ‘broadcasting‘ to customers rather than building friendly relationships with them!

Many late adopters are now playing catch up and ticking the boxes by having Facebook and Twitter accounts for their businesses, but how are they using them?  And what’s their motivation for having the social media buttons there in the first place?  Are they following the crowd or implementing a clear marketing strategy?

A good friend of mine, who runs a successful entertainment business and who has always been ahead of the curve with technology, gadgets and all things “web two” is doing a fine job with his firm’s social media. In fact his Facebook and Twitter action is right on the money. Yet secretly he tells me that he thinks Twitter is a waste of time “but I can’t not use it can I?” So why does he use it?  The answer is that he understands that his demographic want it. That’s kids and gossipy mums in his case.

It seems, love it or hate it, the social media phenomenon is self perpetuating as even agnostic marketers accept it’s here to stay, even if they personally hate it.  Social media sort of has a ‘marmite effect’, people either love it hate it, except in this case the dissenters are grudgingly accepting that eventually we will all have to eat the Marmite.